“I am very proud that 50 years ago
I was among those who graduated this university which was called higher technical education institution
and got a referral to industry.”

N.A. Nazarbayev

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For the period of 50 years Karaganda State Industrial University, founded in 1963, has become one of the leading hig...

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Graduates are helped to find a job

The traditional annual “Fair of Graduates” was held at KSIU on April 20. Representatives of more than twenty enterprises and organizations met with students completing their studies at the university. Among them – “ArcelorMittal Temirtau”, Tekeli Mining and Processing Plant, Temirtau Electrometallurgical Combine, “Avangard-Story” LLP, the largest banks of Kazakhstan, city employment center, tax administration and others.

Employers studied the resume of graduates, assessed their business qualities, conducted a comparative analysis of candidates and offered their working conditions. The students got acquainted with the available vacancies and asked questions concerning the list of duties, wages, career prospects and social guarantees.

Within the framework of the fair, a roundtable was held, at which topical problems of finding young professionals and their adaptation in the labor market, promising areas of cooperation between the executive authorities, employment centers, employers and educational institutions were considered.
Following the results of the work of the Fair “Graduate-2018” five people were invited to an interview the same day, and 27 graduates – specific job offers.


Ulyana Sharafutdinova, “Accounting and Audit-14” group: 

– At the fair, I found out which organizations require employees, took their data. But I’ll go to work when I have a higher education diploma. And it is desirable to get training on the courses of “1c-accounting” – then it is more likely to get a job immediately for a good job.

Ruslan Kudaibergenov, “Economics-14” group:

– Holding such job fairs is a very necessary thing. It is good that the university helps us in finding a job. It is very convenient when all employers gather at the same time – there is no need to waste time on traveling to different parts of the city in different organizations. We submitted our CVs electronically in advance, so all employers had such a collection. At the fair, we for a short time learned the list of vacancies and requirements. Personally, I particularly liked the offer of “ArcelorMittal Temirtau” about passing a three-year training program “TOP100 engineers”, after which it is possible to find employment at the plant. I’m still thinking about several options, which I learned about today.

Indira Stamkulova, group “Material Science and Technology of New Materials-14”: 

– The fair helped me to know what variety of enterprises exist in our region and made it clear that my specialty is in demand in the labor market. There have been many interesting proposals that I can consider for future employment.

Press-service of KSIU



Festival of specialties

Regional festival of specialties involved in the social project “Mangilik el  zhastary – industriyaga! – Serpin “, was held on April 14 in Aktau, Mangistau region. 

The purpose of the festival is the organization of vocational guidance for graduates of schools in Mangistau region in accordance with the work plan of the social project “Serpin” of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The organizer of the festival was the education department of Mangistau region.

Participants of this social project – universities and colleges of the West Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Aktyubinsk, Pavlodar, Kostanay, East Kazakhstan and Karaganda regions were represented at the exhibition organized within the framework of the festival.

Zh. K. Kapasheva, deputy dean of the Faculty of Energy, Transport and Control Systems of KSIU, spoke at the plenary session of the Karaganda region. In her report she talked about the progress of the program, about the educational achievements of the university, which is the alma mater of the Head of State, on the effective organization of the upbringing process and the solution of social and housing issues for students studying on the social project “Mangilik el zhastary – industriyaga! – Serpin”.

Press-service of KSIU

In KSIU  was competition “Tildaryn”

Seven students of KSIU, as well as several representatives of the multidisciplinary college “Miras” and the Temirtau College of Trade and Nutrition took part in  competition “Tildaryn”, which was held at the university.

The goals and objectives of the Tіldaryn contest are to identify and provide support to students who are fluent in three languages ​​(Kazakh, Russian and English), the formation of a culture of interlingual communication and the education of a multilingual person, the strengthening of the sense of Kazakhstani patriotism, the education of a comprehensively poly-linguistic personality capable of competing.

The participants of the competition waited for three rounds, in which it was necessary to fully disclose the content of the assigned topics (“Modern scientific and technological progress”, “Great people of the Kazakh steppe”, “Multilingualism – the demand for time”, “Ruhani jangyru” and “Transition to the Latin alphabet”), write an essay and show the ability to synchronously translate text. In the first round, assignments were given in Kazakh, in the second – in English, in the third – in Russian. To the next round, only those who passed the previous one were allowed – this was an obligatory condition of the competition.

As a result, Asemay Pushanova (student of the group M-16k KSIU) took the first place. On the second place – Nurasil Tarasov (group TMP-17K, KSIU) and Kasymkhan Erezhep (group VTiPO-17K, KSIU), on the third – Umid Iriskulov (student VTIPO-16K, KSIU) and Umida Tastursinova, a student of the Miras college.

All participants of the competition were awarded with incentive prizes and certificates. Asemay Pushanova will represent the city of Temirtau at the regional contest “Tildaryn”.

Press-service of KSIU


Meeting in Poland

A meeting of the delegation of rectors of Kazakhstan universities with Polish colleagues is held in Warsaw.

 On the first day of their stay Kazakhstani rectors took part in the International Forum of Leaders in the field of engineering education Perspektywy-2018. Then, negotiations will be held in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, where the directions for further cooperation will be determined. It is planned to sign agreements on strategic cooperation and a number of inter-university contracts.

Currently, 783 students from Kazakhstan study in Poland. Many Polish universities have bilateral agreements on cooperation with Kazakhstan universities, which can be implemented on a wider scale.

The visit of the delegation of rectors of Kazakhstan is the result of a recent working visit to Astana by the rector of the Warsaw University of Technology J. Schmidt, the rector of the Technological University Opole M. Tukiendorf and the president of the Education Foundation “Perspektywy” V. Sivinský.

Press-service of KSIU

Анонс Польской стороны по предстоящему Казахстано-Польскому форуму


Kazachstan to dla polskich uczelni kierunek bardzo obiecujący i powinien stać się priorytetowym. Dlatego z satysfakcją informujemy, że w dniach 16-18 kwietnia złoży wizytę w Warszawie prestiżowa delegacja rektorów kazachskich uczelni, największa w historii polsko-kazachstańskiej współpracy akademickiej, łącznie 23 osoby, na czele z Arynem Orsarievem, sekretarzem stanu w Ministerstwie Edukacji i Nauki Kazachstanu oraz prof. Yerlanem Sydykovem, przewodniczącym Rady Rektorów Kazachstanu (RRK), rektorem Uniwersytetu im. Gumilowa.

Pierwszego dnia pobytu rektorzy kazachscy wezmą udział w Międzynarodowym Forum Liderów Kształcenia Inżynierskiego Perspektywy 2018. Dzień później odbędą rozmowy w Ministerstwie Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego oraz nakreślą kierunki dalszej współpracy podczas spotkania z Prezydium Konferencji Rektorów Akademickich Szkół Polskich. Zaplanowano podpisanie strategicznej umowy o współpracy KRASP-RRK oraz szeregu umów międzyuczelnianych.

W Polsce studiuje aktualnie 783 studentów z Kazachstanu (dla porównania: w roku akademickim 2011/12 było ich 381 czyli o połowę mniej). Wiele polskich uczelni posiada bilateralne umowy o współpracy z uczelniami kazachskimi, które mogą być realizowane w szerszym zakresie. Podniesienie tej współpracy na strategiczny poziom kontaktów KRASP-RRK ma na celu zintensyfikowanie wspólnych działań i podniesienie ich jakości, m.in. poprzez uzgodnienie głównych obszarów zainteresowania uczelni obu krajów.

Ponieważ wiele polskich uczelni jest zainteresowanych nawiązaniem lub rozwojem kontaktów naukowych i akademickich z Kazachstanem, uprzejmie informujemy, że spotkania z kazachskimi rektorami są możliwe podczas Międzynarodowego Forum Kształcenia Inżynierskiego Perspektywy 2018, które odbędzie się 17 kwietnia w hotelu “Hilton” w Warszawie – obowiązuje rejestracja poprzez stronę: www.perspektywy.org/forum2018

Natomiast podpisywanie umów międzyuczelnianych zaplanowane zostało na 18 kwietnia, na zakończenie spotkania Prezydiów KRASP i RRK na Politechnice Warszawskiej – prof. Marek Tukiendorf, przewodniczący Komisji ds. Współpracy Międzynarodowej KRASP uprzejmie prosi o wcześniejsze zgłoszenie mu takich planów.

Przyjazd delegacji rektorów Kazachstanu jest rezultatem wcześniejszej wizyty roboczej w Astanie prof. Jana Szmidta, przewodniczącego KRASP, rektora Politechniki Warszawskiej, któremu towarzyszył prof. Marek Tukiendorf, rektor Politechniki Opolskiej, przewodniczący Komisji ds. Współpracy Międzynarodowej KRASP i Waldemar Siwiński, prezes Fundacji Edukacyjnej “Perspektywy”, prowadzącej wspólnie z KRASP program “Study in Poland” (na zdjęciu).

Wizyta w tak prestiżowym składzie jest również efektem starań Pana Margułana Baimuchana, ambasadora Kazachstanu w Polsce, który uznał poszerzenie bilateralnych kontaktów akademickich za jedno ze swoich głównych zadań podczas pełnienia misji dyplomatycznej w Polsce.

Dodatkowe informacje: Wioleta Kupiec, w.kupiec@perspektywy.pl

Dodatek: Skład delegacji kazachskiej

По материалам сайта http://www.info.studyinpoland.pl/ 

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