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A solemn meeting was held at the State Collection Institute, dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Participants of the festival were teachers and students of Karaganda State Industrial University, Honorary guests were associates of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other esteemed friends of Temirtau .

On this day, for the contribution to the socio-economic development of the city, active participation in public and political life by the Honorary Certificates of Akim Temirtau, the oldest teachers of the State Research and Design Institute were awarded: Professor of the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Ph.D. Otepbergen Artykbayev; Professor of the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Candidate of Technical Sciences Yury Ivanovich Shishkin; Professor of the Department of Metallurgy and Material Science, Candidate of Technical Sciences Anatoly Korneyevich Torgovets; Professor of the Department of Chemical Technology and Ecology, Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences Nina Fedorovna Gavva.

For contribution to the development of the higher education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in honor of Independence Day, the Honorary Diploma of the Minister of Science and Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan was awarded to: Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, Professor Galina Aleksandrovna Sivyakova; Head of the department “Processing of metals by pressure”, Professor Olga Nikolaevna Krivtsova; head of the department “History of Kazakhstan and social and humanitarian disciplines”, professor Oksana N. Humenchuk; Senior lecturer of the department “Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages” Altynay K. Zhunusova; Director of the Technical and Economic College of the State Research and Design University Sapar Bagdatovich Khamitov; the senior lecturer of faculty «Power, automation and computer facilities» Artem Vladimirovich Gurushkin; Director of the Department of Operation and Infrastructure Development Erdos Aitbaev.

Thanks to letters of gratitude from the rector of the State Research Institute of Honor, officers of the Department for Explotation and Development of Infrastructure were awarded for honest and qualified work and in honor of the Independence Day of the RK: Meirambek Nurgalievich Kosaev, Aibek Shakizatovich Ilyasov, Ayauzhan Aubakirovna Mazhkenova, Nikolai Gasilov, Saniya Sultanovna Karabaeva, Venera Anvarovna Khasanova, Ainur Alimkhanovna Shushibaeva.

This year for KSIU is special: 50 years have passed since the release of the plant-HTLB in 1967 – the release of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. On the eve of December 1, a large-scale international scientific and practical conference was held at the university. The comrades-in-arms of the Head of State, Akim of Karaganda region Yerlan Zhakanovich Koshanov, Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerlan Kenagaliyevich Sagadiev, leading professors of foreign countries, labor veterans of Karaganda region and the city of Temirtau, deputies of maslikhat, public figures. In honor of the “golden” anniversary of the production of the HTLB plant in 1967, a book on graduates who contributed to the formation of independence and socio-economic development of Kazakhstan was published in the KSIU. December 13 at the grand meeting held a presentation of the book. Honored guests, comrades-in-arms of the Head of State Kuanysh  Omashev, Ermek  Tuleubayev, Toktarkhan Iskakov and Viktor  Nikonov were invited to the stage, as well as the person who took the most active part in the creation of the book – Professor Oksana N. Humenchuk.

On the eve of the 26th anniversary of Independence of the RK, the students of KSIU showed brilliant results in republican and regional competitions. For the active civil position, participation in the social and political life of the city, Elaman Kayym, Aybibi Akbergen, Nurhan Tal’gat, Sabit Raiymbekov, Vyacheslav Kim, Aigerim Abilhasymova, Vasily Kim, Sunkar Avizhat, Talant Bigaliuly were awarded with certificates of honor of the city of Temirtau  .

 Press-service of KSIU

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Office of Ruhani Jahyrou started work









At the Karaganda State Industrial University on December 13, the opening of the office of Ruhani Jangyru, the Academy of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, took place. Participants and guests of the event were associates of the First President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev, representatives of state  and ethno-cultural associations of Temirtau.

Deputy head of the city of Temirtau, Dauren Yesimkhanov, the comrade-in-chief of the Head of the state Kuanysh Omashev, the head of the secretariat of the regional Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan Yerlan Kusayin and the rector of the KSIU Bakhyt Zhautikov held a ceremonial opening ceremony of the office – with ribbon cutting, Kazakh national rite “Shashu” and traditional Russian karavai.

Head of the Chair of the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan, Professor of the KSIU Tatyana Semyonova acquainted the participants of the event with the directions of the Ruhani Jangyru office. Among them:

– the formation of patriotism through the program “Tugan zher”, organized on the basis of local lore;

– promotion of modern Kazakhstani culture in the global world;

– holding of a complex of events within the framework of the projects “Tarbie zhane Bilim”, “Atameken”, “Rukhani Kazyna”, “Sacred Geography”, “100 new faces of Kazakhstan”, “Otanim-tagdyrym”, “Olketanu”;

– carrying out activities in the field of interethnic tolerance and social harmony and the promotion of the trinity of languages;

– holding events aimed at forming high historical consciousness, active civic-patriotic position, raising the cultural level and developing spiritual and moral values among young people.

The work will be carried out in close cooperation with the regional Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, the regional office of Rukhani Zhangiru, the akimat of Temirtau, the city historical and regional museum, the historical and cultural center of the First President of Kazakhstan, ethno-cultural associations, colleges and schools in Temirtau.

Chairman of the Greek ethnocultural association “Polonia”, a member of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan in the Karaganda region Despina Kasapidi shared plans for the work of the ECO on the basis of the office of “Ruhani zangyru”. Representatives of student youth Madiyar Karibzhan, Tatyana Silaeva, Vasily Kim and Sukhrob Ashurov told about the events and projects carried out within the framework of the program “Ruhani zangyru”.

At the end of the event, a memorandum on cooperation between the akimat of Temirtau, Karaganda state industrial university and ethno-cultural associations of Temirtau was signed.

Press-service of KSIU








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On Wednesday, the Office of the Ruhani Jangyru will start to work in the KSIU

In Karaganda State Industrial University on December 13 at 14.30 will be the opening of the office of Ruhani Jangyru- Academy of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan. The guests of honor of the event will be the akim of the city of Temirtau, comrades-in-arms of the Head of State, heads of ethno-cultural associations.

After the opening of the office of Ruhani Jangyru at 3 p.m. in the assembly hall, a solemn meeting dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan will begin.


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Congratulations to the jubilees!


The Rectorate and the teaching staff of the Karaganda State Industrial University congratulated Aliya Suraganovna Akmaganbetova, senior lecturer of the Economics and Finance Department, and Olga Nikolaevna Lelikova, the senior lecturer of the Department of EIA and Telecommunications, on the jubilees!

Aliya A. Akmaganbetova was a graduate of our university, she has been working there since September 2003. During her time she proved herself to be a qualified specialist and a teacher. All her knowledge and experience she gives to her favorite business – teaching students the basics of economic science, without which it is impossible to develop a modern society based on scientific progress and innovative technologies. Aliya Suraganovna constantly raises her professional knowledge, masters new teaching technologies and generously shares her knowledge with her colleagues.

Olga Nikolaevna Lelikova began her work at the university in 1990 as a trainee researcher, soon became a lecturer in the department of PTEiMT. Since 2002 she has been worked as a senior teacher. Two years ago she graduated from the magistracy with a degree in Construction. All her labor activity testifies to inexhaustible energy and huge diligence, selfless and devoted service of the chosen profession. For more than twenty-five years, she has devoted training specialists in heat power engineering for various industries not only in the Karaganda region, but throughout the republic. The works of students, led by Olga Nikolaevna, receive prizes in regional and republican competitions, and her own scientific works serve as a practical addition to the textbooks on the study of heat power engineering.

Rector of Karaganda State Industrial University Bakhyt Akhatovich Zhautikov congratulated the jubilee on the meeting of the faculty, which was held on December 11, and on behalf of the whole faculty wished good women good health, success in all matters, personal happiness, prosperity, satisfaction from the work done . The team is convinced that the energy, erudition, diligence and firmness of the life position of the jubilee will be directed to the development of the intellectual potential, progress and prosperity of the Republic of Kazakhstan.




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Day of self-government in akimat of the city

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«Gift from Santa Claus»

In Karaganda State Industrial University, the action “A Gift from Father Frost” started, which has become traditional for a long time. Its initiators for several years now are representatives of the volunteer center “Kamkor” and the Committee on Youth Affairs.

During the action, students and teachers collect money, for which sweet gifts are then purchased for the children of the “Ainalayin” children’s home of Temirtau and the Adaptation Center for Minors. In addition, volunteers acquire shampoo, soap, perfume and dezodorants.

But the delivery of sweets and hygiene items is not limited to. KSIU students prepare a concert program and games on various topics. The deans of all faculties also take an active part in the action. For example, last year they personally went to an orphanage to give gifts to children.

Any student or teacher of KSIU can take part in the action. Very soon, in the old and new buildings of the university, there will be special boxes for collecting money. In addition, volunteers will collect toys and sweets.

Before the New Year there is not much time left, so hurry up to do good and give smiles!

Press-service of KSIU



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