“I am very proud that 50 years ago
I was among those who graduated this university which was called higher technical education institution
and got a referral to industry.”

N.A. Nazarbayev

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For the period of 50 years Karaganda State Industrial University, founded in 1963, has become one of the leading hig...

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On June 21 the National Testing will be held at KGIU

This year there are 870 graduates of secondary schools. One of the most important and exciting exams in life will be 481 of them, including 207 in the Kazakh language, and 274 in Russian. There will be 7 classrooms. Equipment of UNT: metal detectors, cellular suppressors, computers, scanners, printers. In all classrooms video cameras are installed.

The parents of 11-grades will be able to watch the process of UNT passing through the monitors installed in the conference room of the new building of KSIU. We wish the graduates of schools successful completion of the UNT!

Study, practice and cultural program

Teachers of KSIU for the next week will give lectures on metallurgy sophomore Institute of Information Technology Lakshmi Mittal. Twelve young men and two girls came to practice at a metallurgical plant from the city of Jaipur, located in the state of Rajasthan.

Indian students have been trained in the Karaganda State Industrial University for several years. And always this process is preceded by a tour of the university, during which the guests of Temirtau get acquainted with the museum of KSIU and various laboratories with unique equipment.

“Our students come from different cities in India,” said Dr. Ashok Dargar, a lecturer at the Information Technology Institute of Lakshmi Mittal. – We arrived in Temirtau on June 8 under the ArcelorMittal program to learn new technologies and establish international relations. The training in the Institute will begin on the 18th. After receiving theoretical knowledge, the production practice will take place in the sheet rolling shops number 1 and 2. In addition, the students are expected to study on the topic “Information technologies” in the Personnel Development and Training Department, acquaintance with the culture of the Kazakh people in the Children and Youth Center, and excursions in Karaganda and Astana.

Press-service of KSIU



Grants from the trade union

Third year of Karaganda State Industrial University Aybolat Edygeev awarded a grants “Karaganda regional organization of the Kazakhstan branch of the trade union of education and science workers”.

Student Group “TTEandT -15k-2” Aybolat Edygeev – a member of the students union KSIU and member of the party “Nur Otan”. He is a good student and takes an active part in public and sports life of the university, as well as in the activities of the city and regional level. Certificate for a grants – 90 thousand tenge for three quarters – Aybolat awarded at a gala event dedicated to the Day of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was held in Karaganda June 8. In addition, awards were presented to the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, ministries, trade unions the most active members of trade unions, social partners and young people from among the students of universities and colleges.

On the same day, a third year student of the KSIU  took part in the opening of a children’s playground in the square behind the ” Lenin, which became a gift of territorial structures of branch trade unions of the region to children and guests of Karaganda. Aibolat Edygeev was entrusted with cutting a symbolic ribbon. Immediately there appeared the alley of the Man of Labor, where representatives of the trade unions planted 30 pine trees.

Press-service of KSIU

Learn to disclose all the smells of life

An unusual meeting was held recently in Karaganda State Industrial University. Associate Professor of the Department of Metal Processing with Pressure, candidate of technical sciences Zhuman Amanzholov talked with the group leaders and activists of the Committee on Youth Affairs about human potential, the meaning of life and purpose.

In the age of high technology, people are less and less analyzing and thinking, and more are moving by inertia. For many, it has become customary to find, without straining, any information on the Internet. Meeting Zhuman Amanzholov with students was conceived in order to help them learn to think more effectively and confidently go to their goal. The topic was not announced in advance to the activists, so they discouraged them. It would seem that a technical college – and the conversation went about spiritual.

By the way, the meeting began also unordinary: the teacher asked everyone to stand up, break up into pairs, turn their faces to each other and look closely into the eyes. And many people seemed to see the “partner” for the first time, although they met him almost every day at the university. This “warm-up” allowed already at the initial stage to rethink the daily routine and tune in to some other way.

Zhuman Amanzholov is a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. But he is not only a caster with a lot of experience, but a person who has a huge amount of knowledge and other topics. For thirty years Zhuman Kalykovich is engaged in self-education. Conversations about the purpose of man and the meaning of life, he on his own initiative for two years, spent with nonresident students living in hostels of KSIU, shared books from his own library, and now decided to meet with group leaders and activists.

– The main idea of ​​this meeting is that the person has everything that is needed: the body, the soul, various kinds of energies. It remains to work out the right attitude to everything that you already have, and to be grateful to it, “says Zhuman Kalykovich. – The beauty is that the person himself allows himself to be happy and successful. You allow yourself to smile or get upset, you allow yourself to deceive the other or deceive yourself …

During the meeting, Zhuman Amanzholov conducted the test: he asked to look closely at the board, and then close his eyes and say where it is. The students said, though not very confidently, that the board is in the classroom. But, according to the teacher, she was in their heads.

– In fact, the whole world that is outside is inside us. And when a person is involved in this, in interaction with the outside world, then every moment is unique, “says Zhuman Kalykovich. – We must be able to analyze and predict our actions. A person who knows how to lay out everything “on the shelves” will be successful. Success depends on ourselves.

The teacher tries to teach and share experiences unobtrusively. And he hopes that the grain is sown in fertile soil.

– It was very cool and interesting. The lecturer talked about personal growth, that all events in his life depend on the actions of a person, “said Saveliy Elefteriadi, the head of the group” TOMD-17 “after the meeting. – There was a very vivid example: Zhuman Kalykovich translated the years of life into months, and then in weeks to show: every day must be valued, for life is short, for this time it is necessary to do everything that depends on us. In addition, you must set goals always higher than you expect; strive for greater and better. It was motivational and inspiring. It is noticeable that the speaker is close to the topic. Personally, I really liked it.

In the plans of Zhuman Amanzholov – continue similar meetings. He wants to talk with the youth about the opportunities, talents and abilities that are in everyone, but that need to be developed and disclosed.

“Life has many amazing smells, and I want young people to be able to disclose them all,” says Zhuman Kalykovich. – The themes of our meetings will constantly change, but there will necessarily be a lot of information related to psychology, sociology, philosophy, as well as the experience of great and ordinary people.

Svetlana Egorova

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“Symbols of my country”

City intellectual game “Symbols of my country” was held June 4 in KSIU. Participants – students of the Temirtau colleges – demonstrated their knowledge of state symbols and showed how they know how to determine their importance, significance and role in the life of Kazakhstan.

The discussion on this day turned out to be active and interesting. The students successfully answered the questions and proved that they have a high level of knowledge on the topic “state symbols”. During the blitz-poll they told what the heraldry means, what the words “anthem” and “coat of arms” mean when the state symbols of Kazakhstan were adopted, which must be strictly observed when the state emblem and the flag are indoors, and where and when can be used state emblem and flag, as well as the anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

More detailed knowledge required the following tours. In the second, for example, it was necessary to tell who is the emblem of of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is symbolized by the five-pointed star, who protects shanyrak from two sides, expressing the idea of serving the common home – the Motherland, which symbolizes on the coat of arms the cruciform triple kuldereushi Shanyrak, which means the image of shanyrak on coat of arms and much more. The third stage was devoted to the flag of the country. Among the questions is the author of the national flag, the symbol of which is the one-colored flag, which means the sun on the flag, how many rays around it depict why the rays are represented in the form of grains, how many projects participated in the competition for the development of the flag of our country, what is the ratio of the width of the flag to its length .

The national anthem was concerned with the next round. In the list of questions: who is the author of the words, what are the rules for the behavior of the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan when the Anthem of of the Republic of Kazakhstan is sounded, how is the word “anthem” translated from the Greek language when the song “My Kazakhstan” was written, which later became a anthem, how many times in the history of Kazakhstan the anthem was approved. And then the representatives of the organizers – the department of internal politics of Temirtau and KSIU – checked how well the contestants know the anthem: the teams had to insert the missing words in one minute into the text they had been given on the sheets.

The most interesting was the tour, in which the teams for 7 minutes were to write mini-projects on the topic “How to educate the youth respect for state symbols?”. As a result, some participants suggested introducing lessons on this topic in the compulsory school curriculum with examinations at the end of each school year, while others spoke of the need to hold various actions in the city.

All participants of the intellectual game were awarded with certificates and valuable prizes. In addition, during the event they received gifts and participants in various competitions held by the Internal Policy Department of the city of Temirtau a little earlier.

The essay competition: 1st place – L. Zhelik (head Zh. Zhumadilov), 2nd place – S. Khovdbai (head – M. Atchabarova), 3rd place – N. Gainullin (head – A. Bikenova), and B. Sultanbekova, A. Aslan, A. Kabdygaliev, A. Amankbekyzy, A. Gusev.

Competition video: M. Temirbekov and V. Eremeev.

Competition of social advertising: M. Ainabekova, A. Apekina, V. Basova, E. Kharin, A. Edapina, L. Ermakova, G. Tulegenov, E. Zakharov, S. Iskakov, A. Zoteev.

Press-service of KSIU