“I am very proud that 50 years ago
I was among those who graduated this university which was called higher technical education institution
and got a referral to industry.”

N.A. Nazarbayev

Rector's blog

For the period of 50 years Karaganda State Industrial University, founded in 1963, has become one of the leading hig...

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About the Department

The history of the “Metal Forming” Department is associated with the development of Karaganda metallurgical plant. The “Metal Forming” Department was founded in 1964. In 1965, the first set of students in “Metal forming” was carried out at the daily education. For a long time, the The “Metal Forming” Department prepared engineers in the field of “Metal forming” (with a specialization in rolling production), “Machines and technology for Metal forming” (with a specialization in forging and stamping production). In total, the Department trained more than 1,700 engineers. Many of them became well-known scientists, specialists, production managers, military.

Its first head was associate professor Burykin A. A. Further, the head of Department were Davilbekov N.H., Mirniy A.I., Dikalov B.A., Dyluk A.G., Mashekov S.A., Talmazan V.A., Lezhnev S.N., Ashkeev Zh.A., Krivtsova O.N.

Currently, the “Metal Forming” Department trains bachelors in specialties 5В073800 – “Technology of processing of materials pressure” and 5В071200 – “Machine engineering”. At the Department since 2001 operates a master’s degree in 6М071200 – ” Machine engineering”. In 2002 the first graduation of masters of engineering and technology took place. Since 2010 doctoral studies in the specialty “Nanomaterials and nanotechnology”.

The big contribution to formation and development of the Department made Burykin A. A., Davilbekov N.H., Bykhin B.B., Chumanov, Y. M., Obernikhin S.A., Guzhin S.S., Zaytsev V.S., Naizabekov A.B., Talmazan V.A., Isaenko V.V., Ashkeev Zh.A., Lezhnev S.N., Panin E.A.

The faculty conducts training in the Kazakh and Russian languages, full-time, correspondence, evening forms on state grants and on a paid basis. In 2000 and 2001 the first releases of engineers of the Kazakh branch were held.

Graduated with honors at the Department of education former rector of RSE KSIU, d.t.s., Professor Naizabekov A. B., ex-vice-rector c.t.s., associate professor Lezhnev S.N. Graduates of the Department was a former rector of RSE KSIU, Ph. D., Professor Dyluk A.G., President of the Association of financial-industrial groups of Russia, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Soskovets O.N., colonel of the Russian army, candidate of military Sciences Alimov M. K.

Many graduates of the Department work at JSC “ArcelorMittal Temirtau”: Seisenbekov T. S., Kulikov V. I., Yevtushenko, Y. I., Stringa S. V., Ilyasov N. R., Zubkov S., Kirillov A. I. , Keskin B. K., Golchin J. E., Blinov V. A., Raimbekov A. M., Manturov V. V., Vdovin S. V., Konovalenko M. V., Sorokin A. S., Borisov, A. S., Ignatov A., Berg, A. A., Kurnosov A., Gansu M. V., Dolzhenko A. V. et al.

Many graduates of the Department currently teach at the Department: c.t.s. Ashkeev Zh. A., c.t.s. Yerzhanov A. S., PhD Panin E. A., m.t.s. Ainabekova S.S., m.t.s. Volokitin A.V.