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I was among those who graduated this university which was called higher technical education institution
and got a referral to industry.”

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[pubdate: 12.04.2019, 17:00:57, published by: Баспасөз-орталығы]

On April 12, 2019, the intellectual quest game “Fort KSIU” was organized at KSIU. This game was held as part of the celebration of the Day of Science and the 120th anniversary of the academician, geologist, public figure, founder of the Soviet metallogenic science, the founder of the Kazakhstan school of metallogeny Kanysh Imantayevich Satpayev.

The event was organized by the department “Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages.”

The goal of the game is to awaken students’ interest in research work, civil and patriotic education of young people in the framework of the “Rouhani Zhangyru” program.

Two teams, “Nursultan” and “Restless”, took part in the quest game. Each team had its own coordinators who accompanied throughout the game and monitored the observance by the teams of all the rules of the quest game. For justice, the participants did not have the right to use gadgets that somehow could help them in carrying out their tasks.

Each team passed a route consisting of 9 main stages, each of which involves solving tasks in the following disciplines:

– Kazakh, Russian and English languages

– Mathematics and Physics

– History of Kazakhstan

– Metallurgy

– Informatics

– Ecology or chemistry

– Machine parts

– Economics

– Construction

The task was considered completed if the game participants received a key-password as a result of the task solution.

The winner of the Quest game is the team that will go through the whole game as quickly as possible, correctly answer all the questions, complete all the proposed tasks and call the proposed phone number and find out the location of the prize.

According to the results of the game, the Nursultan team was the fastest. The members of the team received their prize at the closing of the scientific-practical conference in the assembly hall of the new KSIU building.

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