“I am very proud that 50 years ago
I was among those who graduated this university which was called higher technical education institution
and got a referral to industry.”

N.A. Nazarbayev

Rector's blog

For the period of 50 years Karaganda State Industrial University, founded in 1963, has become one of the leading hig...

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Policy in the field of quality

Karaganda State Industrial University has a highly qualified staff and modern material-technical and teaching base, provides training of specialists of engineering profile in areas of priority to the mining and metallurgical industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and aims to be a leader.

Karaganda State Industrial University has a policy on quality assurance, which is available to the public and is part of its strategic management. Internal stakeholders develop and implement this policy through appropriate structures and processes engaging external stakeholders.

Policy in the field of quality assurance of KSIU is effective and it reflects the relationship between research, learning and teaching and takes into account as the national context in which KSIU works, and University context and its strategic approach.

Karaganda State Industrial University establishes procedures for development and approval of its educational programs. Educational programs are developed in accordance with the stated objectives, include the expected learning outcomes. Qualification obtained as a result of the development of educational programs, is defined and explained and meets the national qualifications framework in higher education and the structure of qualifications in the European higher education area. The educational program motivates students to take an active role in the joint creation of the learning process, and assessment of students reflects this approach.

Karaganda State Industrial University uniformly applies a predefined and published regulations covering all phases of the student life-cycle, i.e. intake, academic performance, recognition and certification.

The admission of KSIU students, recognition and termination procedures training meet the established goals in terms of students’ mobility both within the country and internationally.

The University administration is responsible for the professionalism of its employees and providing favorable conditions for their effective operation; convinced of the competence of its teachers, as it uses fair and transparent processes in the recruitment and development of professional growth of its employees.

KSIU has a stable financial situation for learning and teaching, ensures the provision of adequate and accessible educational resources and ways to support students.

Karaganda State Industrial University collects, analyzes and uses relevant information for the effective management of its educational programs and other activities.

Karaganda State Industrial University publishes information on its activities, which is clear, accurate, objective, relevant and easily accessible.

Karaganda State Industrial University conducts monitoring and periodic review of programmes in order to achieve its objectives and meet the needs of students and society. The results of this review lead to continuous improvement programs. Any proposed activity or the results obtained shall be communicated to all stakeholders.

Karaganda State Industrial University on a periodic basis is the external procedures of quality assurance.