“I am very proud that 50 years ago
I was among those who graduated this university which was called higher technical education institution
and got a referral to industry.”

N.A. Nazarbayev

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For the period of 50 years Karaganda State Industrial University, founded in 1963, has become one of the leading hig...

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On November 16-17, 2019, debaters of the Abadan club of Karaganda state industrial university took an active part in the Republican debate tournament “Aspannan ulken — 2019”, organized by the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan — Leader of the nation N. A. Nazarbayev and The Alliance of debaters of Astana, the venue was the city of Nur – Sultan.

The strongest debaters of our Republic took part in this debate tournament, where showed their skill, ingenuity and erudition in the open Republican debate tournament on the theme “Above  the sky-2019”.

Debates today are one of the most popular forms of leadership development among students. Participation of students in such events, not only allows them to master the relevant skills, but also contributes to the development of creative activity of the individual, forms the ability to present and competently defend their position, their interests, improve the skills of oratory, culture of speech, as well as the ability to conduct a tolerant dialogue.

All participants of the debate tournament were awarded with letters of thanks, winners and prize-winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes.

Following the tournament, the honorable first place went to student of the 3rd course Rakhimzhan Omirzhol.

Debaters of our University are among the strongest in the region, and this victory in the coin box  of our debate club “Abadan” KSIU is not the first and not the last.

 Congratulations Rakhimzhan Omirzhol with a brilliant victory!

We wish not to stop at the achieved result and strive to develop and learn more!


The press service of KSIU

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Teaching and professorial staff of the university studied the information system «PARAGRAPH»

November 15, 2019 on the platform of Karaganda state industrial university for the teaching and professorial staff and students of the university legal counsel Shalbarbayev Olzhas Mukazhanovich was organized and held a seminar on information system “PARAGRAPH”. The lecturer of the event was Panfilova Larisa Viktorovna-client manager of the regional representation of the information system “PARAGRAPH” in Karaganda region. Also, the event was attended by members of the student club “Sanaly urpaq” KSIU.

Information system “PARAGRAPH” is a unique reference system that combines several information blocks – from specific to lawyers, accountants and physicians, to the daily reference information needed by each person. This includes addresses and phone numbers of government agencies, utilities, organizations working in the social sphere and the service sector, and more.

Information system “PARAGRAPH” has replaced the authoritative and truly popular reference system on the legislation of Kazakhstan “Lawyer”.

Previously, the company “Infotech&Service” have been selling and servicing SPS “LAWYER”, which was aimed at lawyers and accountants. After studying the needs of customers, the company decided to expand the range of information offered and include new information blocks in the system.

This innovation was dictated by the more demanding requests of the company’s customers and, we can say, the dictates of the time. Today, users want to receive fresh and complete information that will allow them not only to do a better job, but also to know more about their rights.

For ten years of the existence the system “Lawyer” turned into a powerful information complex without which now any serious enterprise does not manage, many experts do not represent without it the work.

For ten years we have been continuously moving forward, constantly developing and improving the content and software system, responding to the ever-growing demands of users of the system. And now the time has come when we realized that the system “Lawyer” in terms of its development and content has outgrown itself. New kits appeared in the system: first, “Accountant”, “Business reference”, “Who is who in Kazakhstan”, and  the complex “Medicine”.

All this information was already difficult to fit into the brand “Lawyer “, and the software complex required improvement to meet new requirements.

That is why more than a year ago we started work on the creation of a new information system “PARAGRAPH”. The result of this work, we today, with great pride, want to share with You, our friends and partners.

Information system “PARAGRAPH” has absorbed all the best from its predecessor, the system “Lawyer”, moreover, the system “Lawyer” in an updated form has become one of the blocks of the system “PARAGRAPH”. At the same time, the “PARAGRAPH” system is a complex of completely new information and technological solutions that establish a higher level of standards for the presentation of business information.

Larisa Viktorovna Panfilova told about all this. The seminar participants thanked Panfilova L. V. for interesting and informative information, for the opportunity to acquire practical skills in the “PARAGRAPH” system.


The press service of  KSIU

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The closing ceremony of the XII Presidential Olympiad was held in Karaganda state industrial university on November 15, 2019 and the names of the winners were named.The Olympiad has been held since 2008 on the personal instructions of the First President, Leader of the nation of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Its main idea is to identify and support talented children, education of patriotic spirit, strong, intellectual, highly educated Kazakh schoolchildren, in-depth study of natural and mathematical Sciences. Traditionally, the Olympiad is held within the framework of events dedicated to the Day of the First President and the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the results of the first round, 399 school graduates from all regions of the country took part in the remote stage of the Olympiad, which was held on-line. 173 participants were admitted to the final stage of the Olympiad, 171 schoolchildren took part.

In order to ensure maximum transparency all rounds of the Olympiad were broadcast on the website of  Karaganda state industrial university kgiu.kz. and on the accounts of Republican scientific and practical centre  “Daryn” daryn.kz and online.

By the decision of the jury members 12 participants were awarded diplomas of the I degree and gold medals, diplomas of the II degree and silver medals-15 participants, diplomas of the III degree and bronze medals-20 participants.

The best results are traditionally among the graduates of Almaty – out of 19 participants, 13 became winners (I-3; II-6; III-4).

JSC “NISH” (Nazarbayev intellectual school )- 8 participants from them 7 prize-winners (I-3; II-2; III-2)

Pavlodar region – 12 participants including 6 winners (I-3; II-1; III-2).

Almaty region – 12 participants, 3 winners (I-1; III-2).

West Kazakhstan region – 6 participants, 3 winners (I-1; III-2.

Zhambyl region – 9 participants, 3 winners (II-1; III-2).

North Kazakhstan region – 8 participants, 2 winners (II-1; III-1).

Turkestan region – 8 participants, 2 winners (II-2).

Nur-Sultan city-7 participants, 2 winners (I-1; III-1).

The highest number of points scored 5 graduates:

  • Specialized school-Lyceum №90, Almaty, Chervaneva Christina;

* Nazarbayev Intellectual school of physics and mathematics Taraz-Kalmakhanbet Alikhan;

* specialized Lyceum №20 for gifted children with training in three languages of Almaty region-Ybyray Eskendir;

* Nazarbayev Intellectual school of physics and mathematics in Uralsk-Kim Maxim;

  • Regional specialized school-Lyceum-boarding school “Bilim-innovation” for talented children, oral – Mirzabaiyli Imangali.

The organizing Committee of the Presidential Olympiad annually, includes representatives of the Ministry of education and science, its subordinated organizations, education authorities, the Council of rectors of higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan. The jury consists of scientists from leading domestic and foreign universities, former winners of international Olympiads.

Participation in the Presidential Olympiad gives future graduates of Kazakhstan schools the opportunity to fully realize themselves, show their abilities, deepen knowledge, increase interest in subjects of natural and mathematical direction. Winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad have a preferential right to receive an educational grant in higher educational institutions of the Republic.

Congratulations to all participants and managers on the successful completion of the Olympiad!


The press service of  KSIU

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Students of KSIU met with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan Niyazkhodzhaev Saidikram Parakhatovich

On November 15, 2019, Karaganda state industrial university hosted a meeting of students-citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan with Ambassador Extraordinary And Plenipotentiary of Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan Niyazhodzhayev Saidikram Parakhatovich and Consul of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan.

The meeting had fact-finding character . During the event, Mr. Niyazhodzhayev noted the importance of trust provided by the leadership of the Karaganda state industrial university  with Uzbek side, and held awareness-raising discussion on matters relating to consular registration and travel, spoke about the work being done by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan, encouraged the students to be good citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, but at the same time follow the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to be polite, responsible, as the main task of students today – this is to finish a decent education at our University, get a diploma and become a highly qualified specialist.

Mr. Ambassador then spoke about the events held within the framework of cultural exchange between the two countries, focused on the upcoming elections to the Parliament of the Republic of Uzbekistan, spoke about how students studying at our University, who are citizens of Uzbekistan, can cast their votes in future elections. During the conversation, he gave information about the upcoming events aimed at cultural exchange between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, noted the common interests of the two countries, stressed that Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are friendly countries, and that on any emerging issues, citizens of Uzbekistan can get comprehensive information on the phones of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan, announced his coordinates to the participants of the event.

Second-year student Tashpolatov Akramkhan proposed to exchange students between Universities of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan within the framework of the current academic mobility program of KSIU, to which Mr. Niyazhodzhayev replied that this is a very good idea and an urgent issue today. This issue is already being worked out at the level of the Embassies of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, that all the questions asked today will be worked out and that cooperation in terms of obtaining high-quality education services for students in Kazakh Universities will continue.


The press service of  KSIU

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