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[pubdate: 05.10.2018, 17:08:35, published by: Әкімшілік]

4 October 2018, on the platform of the project office “Rouhani Jangyru” KSIU, the Department of educational work and youth policy of the University together with the state institution “Department of internal policy of Temirtau”, KGU “Youth resource center” and the Greek IVF center “Pontos” held a round table dedicated to topical issues of Patriotic education for the active students students of 2-4 courses of the University.

An active part in the round table took Zhunusova Dinara Nurtaevna – head of PI “Department of internal policy of Temirtau”, Shombina Alma Balapanova – Deputy Director on educational work of the College “TTC”, Anisova Rosa Nurahmetovna – Deputy Director on educational work of the College “TVPC”, Khegay Alyena YUr’evna Director of “Youth resource center”, Casapidi Despina Ivanovna – the head of the Greek ECO “Pontos”, which is also concurrently Deputy Chairman of the regional Assembly of people of Kazakhstan and active students – representatives of different ethnic groups.

Within the framework of the event, the issues of Patriotic education of youth and the main mechanisms for the implementation of the state youth policy were discussed.

Welcoming remarks to the audience were made by Zhunusova Dinara Nurtaevna and Salpenova Madina Maratovna, presenting the participants of the round table the program of the event and showing a video about our multi-faceted city, its history, about the activities of the various associations and their place in modern society.

Dinara Nurtayevna, in her turn, noted that at present the activity of communities certainly plays a positive role as the independent mediator between the authorities and various youth associations, and moreover, in some cases, activists show themselves as the most effective tool to support the development of a multicultural youth community.

Of particular interest was the speech of the head of the Greek center “Pontos” Despina Ivanovna, who noted the importance of preserving ethno-cultural traditions and work on the development of national cultures. She told all participants of the round table about the culture and traditions of her people, that she and her husband Basil – the descendants of the Pontic Greeks, who were expelled from the Krasnodar region as representatives of the “unreliable nation.” She shared her impressions of our city and its ethnic side, the experience of the creation and development of the center “Pontas”, and spoke about all the difficulties of the development of the center, which had to go through.

Summarizing the event, Sultanova Madina Maratovna stressed the importance of holding such meetings, which promote

dissemination of knowledge about the history and culture of the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan, preservation and development of its ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as harmonization of national and inter-ethnic relations. The proposals made during the round table will be summarized and sent to the working group of GU “OVP Temirtau” and KSU “MRC”.

The result of the round table was the adoption of a resolution of the action taken, taking into account all the recommendations given by all participants.

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