“I am very proud that 50 years ago
I was among those who graduated this university which was called higher technical education institution
and got a referral to industry.”

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[pubdate: 01.10.2018, 14:49:42, published by: Әкімшілік]

29 September 2018 at the foot of the hill Zhaurtau a team of students of KSIU took an active part in the regional youth innovation forum – festival ” Zhaurtau kezdesu”, which became a platform for young people of Kazakhstan, a new generation of leaders, the academic field in which they were able to gain new knowledge, has allowed to realize how to choose their own path and be inspired by success stories of famous people of Kazakhstan.

The place of the forum was not chosen by the organizers by chance. According to historians, the history of Temirtau begins from this place. From the sloping back of Zhaurtau took place many thousands army of the terrible existence, not just rushing impetuous troops Jungar chonticha. Near light Nura, by the hill, the rebel army of Kenesary Kasymov stop to water their heated horses . From its peaks, enterprising Russian merchants, British and French Industrialists explored the surroundings. According to the elders, the villages wintered here since at least 20-ies of the XIX century. Thanks to the specialists of the historical Museum of Temirtau, who recreated this place, our students together with all the participants of the forum were able to visit the house with a turf roof, with the appropriate interior decoration, a corral, as well as a domestic area with a machine for weaving mats and a place for cleaning wool and a cooking area with a cauldron on a fire and a street samovar.

In the festival ” Zhaurtau kezdesu” took part more than 200 young activists from Karaganda, Shakhtinsk, Saran, Abay, Karazhal, Zhezkazgan, Satpayev, Balkhash town, Priozersk and Temirtau.

In addition, the forum held training seminars and workshops, trainings, interactive games and quizzes in seven main areas:

– Information flow, culture of communication in social networks (bloggers);

– Robotics;

– Innovation and technical creativity;

– Business basics;

– Volunteer movement;

– Sport;

– Tolerance “Kazakhstan for all”.

– The work of young (young akyns, singers, poets, performers of dances of the modern youth trends, designers, artists, craftsmen of decorative – applied art), where students had good knowledge, was able to share the experience in its activities in various directions

Speakers of the master classes were well-known people in our country such as: composer and singer Erlan Kokeev, winner of the National competition “Kazakhstan Barysy”, winner of the gold belt of the champion and trophy “Taituyak” Yerzhan Shynkeev; famous theologian – religious scholar Syzdykov Rustem Malikovich, who shared with the forum participants their secrets of success.

Special attention should be paid to the greeting of our team, where KSIU students enrolled in the program “Serpin”, in the framework of the greeting presented the anthem, the words for which was composed by the 4th year student Musabek Rakhmetulla. The anthem took first place in the Republican contest “Alaman”.

The festival program was very rich and was held at a very high level. The format was innovative, creative and youth, which allowed our students to communicate with young people who came from all over the Karaganda region.

Following the forum, our team took 3 prizes: 1 place in the nomination “Sport” 1st place took the student of 3rd course Pashanov Zhasulan, in the category “Tolerance” – 3rd year student Sarsenov, Nurislamov, in the nomination “Robotics” 1st place went to 4th year student Esimhanov Aydin.

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