“I am very proud that 50 years ago
I was among those who graduated this university which was called higher technical education institution
and got a referral to industry.”

N.A. Nazarbayev

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For the period of 50 years Karaganda State Industrial University, founded in 1963, has become one of the leading hig...

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Yerzhanov Almas

 Education: ZAO “KarMetI” (now RSE “KSIU”), “Processing of metals by pressure”, Engineer, 2006.

RSE “KSIU” Department ” Processing of metals by pressure “, 2006-2009 postgraduate study on a speciality “Processing of metals by pressure»

Academic experience: From 2007 to 2009 – lecturer of college of KSIU.

2009 accepted in RSE “KSIU” to the post of assistant of the Department “metal forming”.

2010 teacher of the GTK of the Department  “metal forming”.

2011 senior lecturer of the Department  “metal forming”.

  1. – scientific degree candidate of technical Sciences, specialty “processing of metals by pressure”
  1. – acting Director of the Department of academic policy (DAP).

Since 01.06.2018 – the head of science and innovations sector of Department of science, innovations and international    cooperation

Since 01.09.2018 – the head of commercialization technologies office

Disciplines: “Introduction to MF technology”, “Interchangeability, standardization and technical measurements”, “Organization and basics of scientific research and experiment planning”, “Technological properties of materials”, “Methods of MF processes research and experiment planning”, “MF workshops Equipment”, “basics of interchangeability”, “Methods of MF processes research”, “Mechanical properties of metals and alloys”, “Basics of interchangeability”, “metal Defects and product quality control”, Certification, industrial practice.

Certificate or professional registration: 2010 – KSIU, certificate of completion of the course in theory and practice in raster and translucent electron microscopy, maintenance and configuration of the JEM-2100 transmission electron microscope, produced by the Japanese company JEOL.

2010 – KSIU, certificate of theoretical training in the amount of 72 hours under the program “Basic tools and methods of design in Autodesk Inventor”.

  1. – Certificate of advanced training on the basics of pedagogical skills and performed the final work on the theme:” Teenager in the world of bad habits.”01.03-30.04.2011.

2011- KSIU, certificate of theoretical training in the amount of 72 hours under the program “Fields of application and tasks on scientific research equipment for physical and mechanical tests”. 20.05.2011.

  1. – KSIU, the certificate on passing of theoretical training in volume of 72 hours under the program “Application of new computer technologies at design”. 12.11.2011.
  2. – KSIU, the certificate on passing of theoretical training in volume of 72 hours under the program”technologies of receiving volume nanostructured materials and methods of management of their properties”. 02.06.2012.

2012 – KSIU, a certificate of completion of theoretical training in volume 72 hours under the program “scope and tasks for research equipment: spectrometer SPECTROLAB spark and x-ray measuring complex RIKOR”.20.10.2012.

  1. – KSIU, the certificate of the participant of online seminars on Thomson Reuters resources for Scitntific&Scolarly Research, 27-31 May 2013

2014г. – Certificate For the participation in ScienceDirect and Scopuc Training 2014 held on 19 jf December in the Republic of Каzakhstan. 19.12.2014г.

2016г. – Certificate The official Springer Nature Training “How To Use – How To publish”. 7.10. 2016.

29-30.11. 2017г.  Certificate:  has successfully participated in the IX international scientific- practical conference of «TNE TNIRD MODERNIZATION OF KAZAKHSTAN-NEW CONCEPTS AND MODERN SOLUTIONS» which is devoted to the 50th anniversary of the 1967 graduation year – the year when graduated the first president of the republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev. Karaganda State Industrial university. Temirtau.

06.02.2018г. – Certificate of participation in the webinar of “Aideko”: “Protection from cryptographers, cryptominers, botnets and other advanced threats on the network gateway”. The webinar was held on the open web platform E-tutorium. Сертификат № 0283
II International forum “Com-mercialization tool of science and business integration”. 04.10.2018, Astana.
from 23 to 30 October 2018. Online seminar on Clarivate An-alytics resources for scientific research “Information tools for scientific publications”, 3 hours. on topics:
– Basic skills of working with the information platform Web of Science search for scientific in-formation (Web of Science)
– Selection and evaluation of the journal for publication of scien-tific results (Journal Citation Re-port)
– Search publications and per-formance indicators in the aca-demic Web of Science Research-erlD) Temirtau
from 23 to 30 October 2018. Online seminar on Clarivate An-alytics resources for scientific research “Information tools for authors of scientific publica-tions”, 3 hours. on topics:
– Additional features of the web of Science platform for the analysis of scientific literature
– Organization profile in Web of Science: opportunities, co-building, adjustment
– possibilities of InCites evalua-tion of scientific activity of the country, organization, scientist. Temirtau.
from 23 to 30 October 2018g. Online seminar on Clarivate An-alytics resources for research “Practical recommendations for publication in international jour-nals”, 3 hours. on topics:
– How to choose the best journal for your scientific publication and avoid unscrupulous journals
– create your own library and bibliography lists
– basic requirements for publica-tions in international journals. Mr. Temirtau.
29-30 November 2018.
Certificate has successfully par-ticipated in the X international scientific- practical conference of «TNE COMPETITIVENESS OF THE NATION IS THE MAIN CONDITION FOR IMPROVING THE PEOPLES WELFARE» dedicated to the 55th anniver-sary of the Karaganda State Industrial university. Temirtau.
Certificate has successfully completed 36 – hour training course on «Preparation of Scien-tific Publications» from. С 3-14 December 2018, Temirtau

Awards and prizes:

On 22.09.2015, a letter of Gratitude for the faithful service shown to the Motherland during the military training camp, the military police of the Karaganda garrison.

  1. Thanks to the rector of KSIU for training of students who showed a high level of knowledge in the II stage of the Republican subject Olympiad among students of higher educational institutions in the specialty “technology of materials processing by pressure”.

June 2017. – Thanks to the rector of KGIU for organizing a high-level excursion for students of the University to the international exhibition “EXPO-2017” in Astana and contribution to Patriotic education of youth.

December 2017. – Diploma Of Minister of education for achievements in the spiritual and social development of Independent Kazakhstan and for a great contribution in the field of education. Astana, 2017

16.12.2018 Certificate in honor of independence day and for responsibility in labor activity

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