"Осыдан жарты ғасыр бұрын, кезінде жоғары техникалық оқу орны атанған осы университетті бітіріп, өндіріске жолдама алған түлектердің қатарында өзімнің де болғанымды мен әрдәйім зор мақтаныш сезіммен еске алып жүремін.".

Н. А. Назарбаев

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For the period of 50 years Karaganda State Industrial University, founded in 1963, has become one of the leading hig...

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Уважаемые студенты!

In order to popularize the ideas of intolerance towards corruption, which should be the norms of behavior among the younger generation, and also for the formation of an anti-corruption culture, the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption organizes a competition for the BEST ESSAY among students of higher educational institutions [...]
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XIV Международная научная конференция студентов, магистрантов и молодых ученых «Ломоносов – 2018»

МИНИСТЕРСТВО ОБРАЗОВАНИЯ И НАУКИ РЕСПУБЛИКИ КАЗАХСТАН МОСКОВСКИЙ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫЙ УНИВЕРСИТЕТ ИМЕНИ М.В.ЛОМОНОСОВА КАЗАХСТАНСКИЙ ФИЛИАЛ     г. Астана                                                                                                  20-21 апреля 2018 г.   Первое Информационное сообщение   XIV Международная научная конференция студентов, магистрантов и молодых ученых «Ломоносов – 2018»   Казахстанский филиал Московского государственного университета имени М.В.Ломоносова 20-21 апреля 2018 года проводит XIV Международную научную конференцию [...]

Our debaters returned from Balkhash

The Republican debating tournament among students was held on February 3 and 4 at Polytechnic College of Kazakhmys Corporation in Balkhash town. Students from the Karaganda State Industrial University took part in it. The student of the group M-16k Omirzhol Rakhimzhan went to the semifinals, and first course students Beder Alikhan (TTMP-17k) and Tazhikov Konysbek [...]
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The book is better than the Internet

              The open review of the books “Novelties of Literature”, prepared by the leadership and staff of the KSIU library, was completed. Over three days, the exhibition was visited by more than a hundred people. Many teachers immediately after viewing the books took their favorite textbooks on the subscription, [...]
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Ten students of the Karaganda State Industrial University returned from the Czech Republic

      Representatives of all three faculties of KSIU during the autumn semester were trained in the program “Academic Mobility” at the Technical University of Ostrava. The participants of the program were students of technical specialties “Metallurgy”, “Construction”, “Materials Science and Technology of New Materials”, “Technology of Materials Processing by Pressure”, “Computer Science and [...]
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