“I am very proud that 50 years ago
I was among those who graduated this university which was called higher technical education institution
and got a referral to industry.”

N.A. Nazarbayev

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For the period of 50 years Karaganda State Industrial University, founded in 1963, has become one of the leading hig...

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Abdikarim Nursia

Education: In 1988 she graduated with honors from the Arkhangai Pedagogical Technical School, majoring in “Primary School Teacher”.

In 1989, she entered Khovdinsky State University of the MPR, the specialty of Oriental languages, from the 3rd grade she was transferred to the KarSU named after M.Sh. E.A. Buketov, majoring in “Kazakh Language and Literature” and graduated from it in 1995.

In 2010, “Comparative-historical, comparative-typological linguistics”is the title of thesis for scientific degree of Candidate of Phil.Scienses.

Academic experience: Since 1988, a teacher of primary school № 2 in Khovd, Mongolian People’s Republic;

From 1992 to 1995, a primary school teacher in Shetsky, Shetsky district;

Since 1995 the teacher of the Kazakh language and literature in the gymnasium named after T. Aubakirov, Temirtau;

From 2001 to 2007 the teacher of the Kazakh language of the Department of “Social and Humanitarian Sciences” of the Kazakh-Russian Institute in Temirtau;

From 2007 to 2009 the teacher of the Kazakh language and literature of lyceum at KSIU;

From 2009 to 2011, the teacher of the Kazakh language and literature at Technical college at KSIU;

01.09.2011 – before the beginning of 2017-2018 academic year, associate professor of the department “History of Kazakhstan and general education disciplines”;

Since 2017-2018  academic year she fulfills the duties of the head of the department “Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages”.

Teaching subjects: Kazakh language and literature, Professional Kazakh language, Office work in the state language and business communication.

Research work: studies the syntactic system of the Altai languages ​​in a comparative-historical and comparative-typological plan; is the author of about 60 scientific and scientific-methodical articles; 5 educational and methodical manuals for technical and economic specialties on academic subjects were compiled and introduced into the educational process; 2012-2014, 2015-2017 she supervised the extrabudgetary research of the section “Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages”.

Certificates or professional registration: Certificate of advanced training and retraining of Kazakhstan-Russia University. 04-11 December 2006 No. 195.

Certificate of Retraining in the Karaganda regional institute of advanced training and retraining of civil servants and educators. October 05-15, 2009 №0141243.

Certificate of the Participant of MNPK “Actual problems of art, philology and culturology” January 18, 2012, Novosibirsk.

Certificate of Participant of online seminars on Thomson Reuters resources for scientific research. Scitntific & Scolarly Research, May 27-31, 2013

Certificate of the Participant of the Moscow State Scientific and Research Institute “Modern scientific thought: problems and development prospects” August 30, 2013, Cheboksary.

Certificate of the Participant of the international scientific and methodological online seminar “Ana tili ayasy: oyytu, zertteu museleleri” (72 h.), Eurasian National University named after LN Gumilev (06 Nauryz, 2017 ).


Certificates, letters of thanks of the Rector of the Kazakh-Russian Institute;

A letter of gratitude from the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Temirtau;

Diploma of NDP “Nur Otan” of Temirtau branch;

The diploma “The best curator” of the director of technical college at KSIU;

Letter of honor from rector KGIU (B.A. Naizabek , M.K. Ibatov);

A letter of gratitude from the National Testing Center;

Certificate of the historical-cultural center of the First President of Temirtau;

Honorary letter of akim of the city of Temirtau;

Diploma of the rector of KSIU “The Best Curator”;

The letter of gratitude from the rector of the KGIU (Zhautikov BA);

Letter of gratitude from the Ministry of Education and Science.