“I am very proud that 50 years ago
I was among those who graduated this university which was called higher technical education institution
and got a referral to industry.”

N.A. Nazarbayev

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For the period of 50 years Karaganda State Industrial University, founded in 1963, has become one of the leading hig...

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About university

The Karaganda state industrial university – one of leading higher education institutions of Kazakhstan on preparation of highly qualified personnel with higher education on metallurgical, machine-building, chemical, construction and to other directions accompanying metallurgy which are priority for mining and metallurgical branch of the Republic of Kazakhstan and it was created in 1963.

KSIU – this is higher educational institution with the continious cycle of training:

bachelor degree → magistracy → doctoral studies

For years of existence KSIU (in last KarMetI)  prepared  more than 20 thousand experts with higher education.

KSIU represents

3 faculties (“Metallurgy and engineering”, “Technology of mechanical engineering and automation”, “Economics department”) which composition includes 10 chairs, 8 of which are letting out. Training is carried out on 18 specialties of a bachelor degree, 8 specialties of a magistracy and 2 specialties of doctoral studies.

There is a regional specialized center of informatization and training in university the on the basis of which the following courses are conducted: Auto CAD; COMPASS; User of a computer; The Kazakh language and professional development faculty, for teachers of higher education institutions and employees of the industrial enterprises of Kazakhstan of 10 specialties.

KSIU signed the memorandum of cooperation with the largest metallurgical company in the world, with JSC Arselormittal Temirtau. During execution of this memorandum are:

  •  first,  carrying out of preparation on additional programs over state standard of students of older years of the full-time department which is training on specialties metallurgy, automation and control, power industry, power system, technological machines and the equipment;
  • secondly, carrying out of preparation of highly qualified personnel for JSC Arselormittal Temirtau and carrying out advanced training courses of specialists of this company having the higher education, according to five programs: domain production, steel-smelting production, agglomerative production, converter production and rolling production;
  • in the third, the evening faculty for the purpose of increase of level of knowledge of employees of JSC Arselormittal Temirtau being students of the correspondence faculty of KSIU is created on the basis of JSC Arselormittal Temirtau.

Also the memorandum between university and the company “EGS – Solutions” was signed – which is the largest Kazakhstan system integrator in the field of automated design engineering systems, technological preparation of productions, document flow. During execution of this memorandum in KSIU the partner training center of EGS-Solutions LLP in which preparation of highly qualified teaching composition and young specialists for different branches of production with output of the international certificate will be created.

Today knowledge and the abilities received on such courses, becomes necessary for everyone, aiming to be competitive on a labor market.

For students of KSIU there is a fine opportunity throughout the training to end these courses.

Highly qualified teachers will help to master these specialties to you. The degree of professorial and teaching staff is more than 45%. More than 70 teachers of KSIU have scientific degrees and ranks, among them 12 doctors of science, 10 professors, 4 academician and the corresponding member of Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology, Safety of the Person and the Nature, more than 70 candidates of science, associate professors, masters. In 2006 two teachers of KSIU  heads of chairs “Processing of Metals with Pressure” of Talmazan V.A. and Gelmanova Z.S. “Management”. In 2007 head of the department “Industrial and civil engineering” Gorshkova L.V., in 2009 head of the department “Metallurgy and technology of metals” Nurumgaliyev A.Kh. became owners of the state grant “The best teacher of higher education institution” and passed training abroad: Russia, South Korea, Japan, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Italy, Singapore.

Forms and training periods

In KSIU training of specialists in the Kazakh and Russian languages, in internal, correspondence forms of preparation and the reduced program is carried out.

Training of specialists is carried out both on the basis of the state educational grants, and on a contractual basis.

In KSIU there is a possibility of training in the distant form.

Remote learning (education on distance) is a set of the information and pedagogical technologies, purposefully organized process of the synchronous and asynchronous interactive interaction training and being trained among themselves and with training aids, invariant to their layout in space and coordinated in time.

In our higher education institution remote learning is carried out on a case technology, and operation on implementation of network technology now is carried.

The case technology includes educational and methodical materials accurately structured and as appropriate completed to a special set (“case”) which are sent (are transferred) to the trainee for independent study and the subsequent periodic request for clarification to specially trained teachers – consultants.

The network technology implies use of the Internet both for support of trainees with educational and methodical materials, and for interactive interaction between teachers and trainees.

Education in the distant form is the modern form of education allowing economically to spend time, at the same time getting a quality education. Remote learning is convenient for the persons which are working at a factory and not having possibilities of everyday presence at university, for remotely living from higher education institution and for what physical opportunities are limited, but according to the inference of the medico-social commission training in higher education institution is possible.

Training periods:

Form of education

Period in years

 1 Daily form


 2 Day reduced on the basis of secondary professional education (after the college termination)


 3 Evening reduced on the basis of secondary professional education (after the college termination)


 4 Correspondence and evening forms of education (second higher education)



The hostel at minimum prices is provided to nonresident students.