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KSIU students were told about religious extremism and terrorism

[pubdate: 06.02.2020, 17:49:17, published by: Әкімшілік]

On February 6, 2020, members of the regional advocacy group on religious issues held a meeting with first-year students and students of the technical and economic College of the Karaganda state industrial University on the topic « Main conditions and factors for the emergence of destructive pseudo-religious movements. Prevention of religious extremism and terrorism among young people».

Speakers of the meeting was Tussupbekov Zharkyn Amantaevich –cultural studies, Zhumadilda Eldos Kuandykuly -theologian of the OS «Nurly Bilim», the Imam of the mosque of Temirtau, Fateeva Maryia Dmitrievna-member of the mothers Board of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, a member of the Peacekeepers, the President of the Council of soldiers ‘ mothers of Karaganda region, Dalabaeva Gulnar Bakenovna – member of OS «Youth movement for the future of Kazakhstan», member of the regional IRG, Bekturov Nurzhan Erbolatuly – theologian, SOI, «Center for the study and analysis of problems of the interfaith relations of the Karaganda region».

The speakers told the meeting participants about the current religious situation in Kazakhstan, traditional religions, the emergence of radical religious and terrorist communities, the activities of non-traditional religious beliefs, the distinctive characteristics of new religious movements, methods of recruiting followers, and the danger of these trends for society and the individual. They also provided explanations about the responsibility of a person for distributing audio, video, and text materials in social networks that call for extremist and terrorist actions and the types of punishment for these offenses, including fines for them.

During the event, the video «the Reverse side «of pure» Islam» was demonstrated, after which our students took an active part in the discussion, analyzed examples of ads and advertising posts that should alert and raise doubts, asked questions, and received full and comprehensive answers to them.

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